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2021 –> 2022 Promotions

2021 –> 2022 Promotions

Lillian is moving up to Grade 3 solo piper from Grade 4 Senior!

Lillian started as a newbie with DSPB in 2017. Competition was never in her mind for learning to play the bagpipes, but she says she has decided to embrace the “necessary evil”, in order to hone her playing technique and combat her performance nerves. During the 2020 shutdown, Lillian took to the online competitions that were being offered and started to gain some confidence. She was then able to attend a couple of in-person competitions within MWPBA and hit her stride. “I’m looking forward to getting into a wider variety of tunes,” she says as she heard the news of her musical promotion. Congrats, Lillian! Keep up the great work!

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