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Ambition to Join the Coast Guard Pipe Band

Ambition to Join the Coast Guard Pipe Band

Lacee earned herself TWO kilts this year: one with DSPB and another with the Coast Guard Pipe Band! In celebration of her first year participating this weekend in the US Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven, MI, here is Lacee’s pipe band story:

I’ve always loved the bagpipes, but never dreamed that I would ever get to play them myself. Life kind of converged for me, and I found myself in a position where I thought, “Hey, maybe this is something I can actually pursue!” My family was incredibly supportive about my decision, so I finally decided to follow the advice I had been given… “Get yourself a poly practice chanter and find yourself a good a local band that offers free lessons.”

I found Dundee Scottish and I feel like it was meant to be. My first day, I was asked “What’s your goal?” Wes (the pipe major for DSPB) has always made individual progress a priority, and he will help you reach your goals however long it takes to get there. I feel incredibly lucky to have found DSPB. It’s fun, it’s challenging, and it’s more than I ever expected from my bagpiping journey. I am very proud to wear the DSPB kilt, and I am excited about my bagpiping future *because* of the family I found in the Dundee Scottish Pipe Band.


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