Alliance Pipe Band Debuts at Waukesha 2018

Just 9 weeks before the 2018 Waukesha competition, our band (Dundee Scottish) joined forces with the Chicago Highlanders, and together, we learned an MSR for Grade 4 competition. We didn’t know what would happen, we all just wanted to be able to play in the circle at the Highland Games.

It was at a point in time for both bands when, in order to compete, one needed drummers and one needed more pipers. It started as just an experiment to see if it would work (since pipe bands don’t typically do this), but it became a momentous and energizing turning point for both bands.

Everyone involved worked tremendously hard to get down the MSR and perform it well. We also quickly formed what will be a lifelong friendship, no matter what the future holds for our bands. The Alliance Pipe Band was formed, led by our Pipe Major Wes Williams, and we took 4th place in our debut competition at the Wisconsin (Waukesha) Games in 2018. Here is a video of that performance:

“This just shows what we are capable of,” said Wes, as he accepted the award on behalf of the band.

The Alliance Pipe Band kept it going through 2019, placing 4th in Milwaukee, 6th in Chicago, and 3rd in Waukesha. A 3rd place finish overall! Here is our 2019 Waukesha performance:

Although the COVID-19 pandemic flattened the entire 2020 piping season and most of this year’s season, like many bands, we stayed in touch as best we could and attempted to make music together, remotely.

We are now diligently working on our Medley, with optimism for competing and placing at the Wisconsin Highland Games in September. We have it on our Schedule and are keeping our fingers crossed!

For a bit more in depth look at The Alliance Pipe Band, check out our Alliance page.