Updates on Waukesha 2021

Updates on Waukesha 2021

UPDATE (AUGUST 25th): A substitute Pipes and Drums Contest has been arranged on September 4th by our Pipe Band Association! We will be competing as The Alliance Band. It will be at St. John Northwestern Military Academy in Delafield WI.  The exact address is: 1101 Genesee Street Delafield, WI. The Solo Contests for piping will start at 8:30 and the Solo Drumming will start at 10:00.  The band contest should start around 1:30. Spectators are welcome!


As of Tuesday, August 17, 2021, the Wisconsin Highland Games were cancelled, much to the chagrin of the piping and drumming community. However, our Pipe Band Association, MWPBA, is heroically attempting to work up a separate pipes and drums contest, to be held on the same day. We will keep you up-to-date with what we know here!

As of this writing (August 23rd), it sounds like there will be a pipes and drums contest, but it is not known if this will be open to spectators. There are a lot of questions yet to be answered. We will continue to post what we know.