2023 Chicago Games

2023 Chicago Games

It was a beautiful Father’s Day weekend for the Chicago Highland Games of 2023.

It was the first time out on the field for our tenor drummer Kaylie and bass drummer Sean, and it was Lacee’s first time out as a tenor drummer instead of as a piper. They all learned a lot in a short amount of time in order to compete and they did a spectacular job!

Also it was the first-time-with-us competition for snare drummers Jack, Pat and Neil, and piper Anne. It had been a while since they were last on the field, but it would seem band-life is still second nature to each of them.

The Band has been growing and changing. Our Alliance with the Chicago Highlanders has continued, but we decided to compete this year using our own band names. Dundee Scottish is currently competing as Grade 4, and the Highlanders have assembled a mighty Grade 5. Three members of the Highlanders chose to compete at Grade 4 level with DSPB this season. We truly enjoy the band alliance and appreciate the exchange of help and resources! What’s more is we have a lot of fun in the process.

All that said, we performed as well as we could, playing our Medley and placing 7th of 11 Grade 4 bands. It was amazing to participate in the largest pipe and drum competition in North America. 46 bands (including two Grade 1 bands for the first time ever) and over 500 soloists competed.

Speaking of soloists, our Grade 3 piping soloists Tammy and Lillian each received a 1st Place – Tammy for her Piobaireachd and Lillian for her 6/8! Well done!

Next Games: Wisconsin Games in Waukesha on the first Saturday of September.